“Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby.” -Langston Hughes

There’s something special about riding in the rain… Even when the rain is aggravatingly pelting your eyes, it still isn’t aggravating for some reason. The rain is peaceful and serene and calming and cleansing. The rain feels like it’s washing me clean of all my transgressions while simultaneously kicking up dirt to make my body filthy. The rain makes me remember things and simultaneously forget them. It is such a strange sensation. I seem to forget that I am soaked and dripping and miserable and just keep pedaling and feeling free…


21 thoughts on “Rain

  1. Beautiful words! I love biking in rain, although there is one thing that is even better…biking in a snowstorm. Biking through snow makes me want to cry in utter joy (but I can’t let myself because then my ski goggles will fog up, hehe!)

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      1. I clip in and have tri shoes which I think is part of the problem. They have more ventilation for when your feet are wet from swimming but that means it keeps my feet colder in the winter :/ I’ve gotta figure it out before next winter. And I am well aware that our winter doesn’t compare to yours. Lol


      2. Yeah, I think platform pedals are the way to go when it gets frosty cold. There were a few days this spring when my feet kinda froze in my clipless shoes πŸ™‚

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      3. Yeah… I’m pretty sure I might’ve had a touch of frostbite several times after riding for long periods of time in the 19-32 degree weather 😁


      4. I’m pretty sure I may have killed some of the nerves in my feet this past winter. The problem with Florida is that it’s a wet cold which is sooooo much worse. Lol

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