The Hunt For My New Whip

I am a woman on a mission… It’s time for a new bike, it’s actually been time for quite a while. Unfortunately, this process is turning out to be much harder than the one I engaged in to buy a new car.

Maybe it’s because you know you’re going to spend a lot when you buy a car so you’re most likely prepared with a large down payment. Maybe it’s because cars are much easier to understand. Maybe it’s because when you find the car you like, you simply tell them what color you want and what bells and whistles to include…

Whatever the case may be, for me, this process has turned into a quite laborious one.

I decided, pre-Thanksgiving, that I would leave Miami with a new bike. The universe, on the other hand, had a different idea for me (as it quite often does). In test riding bikes, I fell in love. Like actual love… The kind where the tiny hearts float away from your head and pop in the air, your eyes get all googly, your heart flutters, and you want to devote every last minute to your new love. You know… That kinda love.

The problem? The hefty price tag.

Unfortunately, my new love was no cheap hooker… She was a high class, high price, fancy, classy escort. Maybe the kind you find out on some ranch in Vegas. A siren of sorts that whispers sweet nothings into your ear convincing you that you aren’t about to sail over a cliff to your impending death.

Her name? Specialized Venge Pro.

She is a fantastically neon orange. A full carbon aerodynamic frame. Shimano Dura-Ace components. Carbon wheel set. Lighter than a feather. A click click sound as you ride that could lull a colicky baby to sleep. A glittery, rainbowy, flying unicorn of sorts if you will.

This is when the mental wheeling and dealing begins. This is the problem with buying a car versus a bike. When I bought my car, I went in with an idea in my head with how much I wanted to spend and I did not veer away from my plan. I did the same when I set out to buy a bike but that idea quickly crumbled when I fell in love…

Love has a way of breaking the boundaries that you set for yourself and causing you to WANT to push your limit. Love truly is blind sometimes… Even to price tags.

Cycling is my passion, my one true love… I want to ride this bike into the sunset (probably because it looks like a fiery skied sunset) over and over and over again…


So what did I do? I gave myself a reality check and decided that the girl for me was the intermediate, working her way towards that big money ranch, showgirl… Specialized Venge Elite.

Don’t get me wrong… She is a beauty in her own right with her carbon frame and Shimano 105 components but she will NEVER be the Venge Pro.

**SPOILER ALERT** This is where the universe comes in and kicks the bottom out from under me…

I got measured for size, smiling the whole time from ear to ear knowing that soon I would be united with my noble steed.


The words still cycle through my head in my nightmares while I sleep… “The color you want is on back order until March but this other color is only on back order until early December.”


I was already “settling” and leaving my love in my rearview mirror, could I settle yet again?


I began a mission to call EVERY SINGLE authorized Specialized dealer in the ENTIRE state of Florida in hopes that SOMEONE may have the charcoal Venge Elite in a size 52 in stock.


Fail. Over. And. Over. And. Over. Again.

Not one store in the ENTIRE state had the color/size combination that I was looking for, NOT ONE.

Now what? Do I go back to the drawing board? Do I I surrender to the siren and let her lead me off the cliff into the beautiful, fiery orange colored sunset?

What. Do. I. Do.


To be continued…

5 thoughts on “The Hunt For My New Whip

  1. Now that’s a bummer! If I may, it will be worth the wait to get the one you want. And for what it’s worth, I absolutely LOVE mine. Mine was once a Comp (the 2013 version of the Elite). Now it has the Aerofly handlebar and the S-Works crank and a much better stem… Anyway, I absolutely LOVE mine! Keep in mind, even with the 10r carbon, it’s one of the stiffest road bikes on the market. The only thing stiffer is the S-Works Venge. Mine has never given me anything less that a freakin’ huge smile. Good luck (it’ll be worth wait).

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      1. It’s worth the money. If there’s any way you can swing it. The wheel upgrade, crank and Dura Ace components, separately, would run you $3,000 + on top of the cost of the Elite. I’ve got just under $5,000 into mine.

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      2. That’s because this is important. I was lucky, the Comp was the best my wife would settle for at the time… Therefore it is fair to say, the bike I bought was sincerely the best I could afford. Upgrading to Dura Ace would cost about a thousand bucks more, the wheels you get on the Pro, another $2,000… Do the math, you end up paying $8,000. The ’16 goes for $5,700 but is read (is the one you want a 2015? If so, after the season, you should get another 10% off)…

        I know for a fact, after having ridden the Elite as it comes AND with many of the upgrades that come on the Pro… I know that I’d have been happier with the Dura Ace that the 105. Let alone the 40 mm wheels.

        If you can afford it, the Pro us the way to go.

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